Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education is a leading postgradu­a­te institution in Ukraine, which is actively engaged in international activities aimed at ensuring high competitiveness at the external and internal educational services market.

• The Academy’s graduates, including Ukrainian and foreign citizens, successfully work in clinics of Great Britain, Germany, France, the USA and other countries.
• Annually, about 300 foreign nationals from ab­out 50 countries of the world are trained
at NMAPE; postgraduate training is carried out in clinical residency, PhD programs, practical training.
• The Academy has initiated implementation of English training for foreign students. Since 2016 the first resident physicians have attended lectures, seminars and practical sessions led by English-speaking lecturers.
• There was created permanent Commission of Academic Board on International Relations, which deals with the issues of participation in the work of international organizations, exhibitions, establishing partnerships with scientific and medical institutions abroad etc.
• NMAPE is a member of about 40 international organizations, including the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), International Aca­demy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE), International Informatization Academy (IIA) etc.
• The Academy has become the first in Ukraine among higher medical educational institutions member society of the International Personnel Academy UNESCO (since 2001), European Aca­de­my of Natural Sciences (since 2008), Association of Medical Education in Eu­rope – АМЕЕ (since 2011).
• Joining Magna Charta Universitatum and organizing the Centers of Excellence at some departments, for example, the Center of Excellence for Diabetes at the Department of Diabetology, is convincing proof of growing prominence of NMAPE.
• Annually, 30-50 foreign delegations attend the Academy and over 70 academics of our institution visit foreign countries on official mission to participate in scientific and edu­ca­tional events and hold joint trainings and master clas­ses. Leading scientists from Germa­ny, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain have the status of Emeritus Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa of NMAPE.

• Annually, more than 35 international research and practical conferences are held.
• Academic mobility of not only teachers, but also of students and postgraduates of the Academy, who participate in scientific and educational projects at partnership institutions abroad, is rapidly developing.
• The Academy is included on the following re­gi­sters of the USA: System of International Certi­fi­cation (SIC), Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S), Employer Identification Number (EIN), NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NATO CAGE), Central Contractor Registration (CCR). Due to this, the research and educational personnel of NMAPE can receive grants of the Congress of the USA and National Institute of Health of the USA.
• New scientific and educational fields, for insta­nce, public health, are developing due to active international cooperation being supported by grants of the EU and the National Endowment for Democracy (the USA).
• Introducing new thematic advanced training courses and practical training courses, as well as improving the existing ones, are supported by foreign experts and meet the highest Euro­pean standards. These are particularly programs in family medicine, public health, mother and child welfare, public health management and eHealth, and also organization of medical emergency, which are prior fields in health care reforms.
• The international partners of NMAPE in scien­tific, educational and medical aspects of cooperation are more than 40 institutions, including: Karo­linska Institute (Sweden), Colorado State University (the USA), Jagiellonian University (Poland), Royal College of General Practitioners (Great Britain), University of Bari (Italy), Slovak Medical University (Slovak Republic), Maastricht University (the Netherlands), University of Illinois at Chicago (the USA), University of Alberta (Canada).
• The Academy is included into more than 25 international medical organizations and associations.