On October 31, on Saturday, the staff of the Department of Cardiology held an online meeting for family doctors, therapists, cardiologists and neurologists at the Consilium of Specialists in Comorbid States. The audience was very large and brought together medical professionals from all over Ukraine.

This medical event was dedicated to the analysis of clinical cases in cardiology, nephrology, neurology.

Much attention of doctors was attracted by the discussion of specialists about: "Why did the great king of the Ottoman Empire Suleiman die, or let's talk directly about uric acid?" with the participation of Golovach I.Yu., Kushnirenko S.Yu., Dolzhenko M.M.

Today arterial hypertension is one of the most frequent pathologies by our doctors. And as if everything is known and has long been written in the protocols, but there are still questions about its treatment: who is better sartans, and who ACE inhibitors, which of these or those drugs to choose. The listeners received answers to these questions during a joint report by L.A. Mishchenko. and Dolzhenko M.M.

In an interesting talk: “Alcohol or depression? How talents solve their problems ”I.V. Davydova and M.M. Dolzhenko was presented with a clinical case with a non-standard patient.

New nuances and modern data on the introduction of a patient with venous edema were presented at the Tikhonov master class.  


The organizers and speakers of the event noted the activity of doctors during this format of the meeting and thanked them for pressing issues.

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