2 November 2020, Kononets Oksana M., Associate Professor of the Department of Neurology No. 2, was awarded the Knowledge, Heart and Soul Dedicated to People Medal by the Ukrainian Citizen Group "KRAINA" for her diligent work and charity, daily work that saves lives, for the thorough professional expertise, for the heart and soul, put into each patient (Order No. 11, dated 2 November 2020).

The non-governmental organization, founded on 6 March 2013, takes an active part in building the present day state ideology which complies with the purpose of Ukraine's spiritual renovation, as well as it participates in the social and political life of Ukraine in order to create social and political conditions necessary for its revival and development.

The organization's purpose is to realize and protect human rights and freedoms, to serve the public, economic, social, cultural, environmental, sports and other interests of the organization's members, as well as to contribute to restoring, developing and cherishing the history and traditions of Ukraine.

Therewith, the UCG "KRAINA" has created a common access resource, i.e. the project "History and Symbols of Ukrainian Cities and Villages", which reflects the history, symbols, traditions, the notable examples of citizens' courage and selflessness, the natural monuments and listed building of various Ukrainian settlements.

Under the slogan "Aliis inserviendo consumor" the UCG "KRAINA" launched a badge of honor in order to recognize the work of physicians and other qualified health care professionals.

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