Every year, the staff of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education worthily represent their achievements in the most innovative areas and report on their scientific and practical work in modern anesthesiology.

This year, three innovative works were presented as a part of the on-line platform prestigious Congress of Anesthesiologists ESA-2020.

Among the researchers were Dzyuba D., associate professor of the Department of Anesthesiology and IC and the head of the department professor Loskutov O. who represented the research on the topic: «The alteration of mICAT in small intestinal myocytes by ketamine after X-ray coronary artery stenting». mICAT was recorded using symmetric Cs + solutions (125 mmol / l).

Another study led by professor Loskutov O. and co-author PhD student of the department Danchyna T. was presented in the E-Poster format. The topic of the report was devoted to modern non-opioid or low-opioid management of patients during cardiac surgery with artificial circulation ("The effect of low-opioid anesthesia on the level of endocrine-metabolic response and cardio specific enzymes during coronary artery bypass grafting").

The third study was presented by a PhD Student of the department Marunyak S. and professor Loskutov O. et al. on the topic: “Impact of low-opioid anesthesia on inflammatory response and clinical endpoints in cardiac surgery: a prospective study”. The study focuses on the effect of low-opioid anesthesia on the inflammatory response and its effect on final clinical outcomes in cardiac surgery.

The presented reports aroused the interest of the participants of the online forum, as evidenced by a large number of thematic questions, to which the speakers gave reasoned and complete answers. Department of Anesthesiology and IC of Shupyk NMAPE will continue to represent its developments at the European and international forums.