The organization of interns training requires special attention not only in terms of their practical training, but also in terms of forming a scientific approach to the specialty and solving interested interns to scientific work.

A study by M. Smith (Mechigan, USA) showed that residents trained in the study had more evidence-based medicine and received higher scores in clinical competence. 

Based on this, the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care held an online conference on the remote presentation of interns reports in the 2nd year of study on the most pressing issues of modern anesthesiology and intensive care. 

To participate in the "Science Day", 15 reports were selected and divided into two sections. Teachers of the department, led by the Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Professor Oleg Loskutov evaluated these reports to determine the quality of selected topics, the scientific level of information and the quality of reports. The best recognized presentations were made by O. Pochynok "Postoperative anesthesia controlled by the visitor", L. Artyukh "Modern algorithms of cardiopulmonary resuscitation", O. Efimenko "Obstructive syndrome", A. Demidova "Parenteral nutrition in intensive care units", K. Kyrylenko "ESP-block from the branches to the present" and O. Krekhno "Poisoning by alcohol surrogates: ethylene glycol (antifreeze)".

The identified reports were given the opportunity to participate in the section of young scientists in the British-Ukrainian Symposium (BUS 13). 

From the point of view of the department, participation in such events helps interns to master the navigation of public visitors, participate in discussions, develops the ability to analyze scientific publications. 

As the Head of the Department, Professor Oleg Loskutov, noted after the conferences, these reports showed a high level of training of interns.