Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (until 1994 - of pediatric anesthesiology and reanimatology).

The head of the department is the Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.V. Biliaiev.

The department was established due to the need to develop children's anesthetic and resuscitation service and separate it from a similar structure for the adult population. In this regard, many questions arose in the training of specialists, the development of directions and methods of intensive care, the improvement of methods of anesthesia in children, etc. At the end of the 80’s such departments existed only in Moscow, Minsk and St. Petersburg.

The department was founded on April 20, 1988 by the order of the rector of the Kyiv Institute for the Advanced Training of Physicians on the establishment of the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Reanimatology. In 1994, its name was changed to "Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Care" in accordance with the change of the name of the specialty. Clinical bases were National Children's Specialized Hospital « Okhmatdyt », Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospital №1 and since 2015 – Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospital №2.

The first head of the department was Professor Hennadii Ivanovych Belebeziev - a student of Professor A.I. Trishchynskyi, and its first students were Associate Professor S.М. Basmanov, Assistants M.B. Dmytrieva, T.H. Chukhray and A.M. Tsyba. Professor H.I. Belebeziev for many years occupied the position of the Chief Children's Anesthetist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. With his direct participation the modern structure of the service of children's anesthesiology and intensive care in Ukraine was organized.

Since 2013, the head of the department is Full Professor Bilyayev A.V. The teachers of the department are associate professor M. B. Dmitrieva, associate professor T.G. Chukhrai, associate professor L.D.Tantsiura, assistant I.V. Kyselova and assistant I.M. Yachnik. The department is a key unit for the specialty "pediatric anesthesiology".

The initial activity of the department was training of children's anesthesiologists on pre-certification cycles, as well as pediatricians, infectious disease neonatologists, neonatologists on intensive care in the cycles of thematic development. Subsequently, the proportion of course-goers in the cycles of thematic improvement significantly decreased, but since 1993, the interns began to study at the department. One of the leading directions of the educational work of the department is the preparation of interns for children's anesthesiologists, as well as pediatricians in intensive care in pediatrics. During the existence of the department more than 5,000 students and interns have been trained.

Much attention is paid to the distance teaching methods at the department. For the first time, distance-learning thematic improvement courses were launched in 2009 and since then they are held regularly.

The scientific direction of the department is the study of the problems of infectious and toxic shock in children and the development of methods for prevention and treatment of shock, the development of new methods of anesthesia and intensive care in children, determining the role of immunological diagnosis in the provision of targeted therapy of suppurative inflammatory processes in children, the study of hormonal functions in children with complications of infectious diseases. The most important scientific research of the department is the development of methods for diagnosis, prognostication and treatment of infectious and toxic shock in children.

At present, one of the areas of scientific work of the department is the prevention and treatment of complications of anesthesia and intensive care in children. During the existence of the department 19 textbooks, manuals and monographs were published. Postgraduate studies at the department were introduced in 1989. One doctoral and 7 candidate's theses, three master's theses have been prepared and defended. These research works was supervised by professors A.I. Trishchynskyi, H.I. Belebeziev and A.V. Biliaiev. In addition, during the existence of the department, 28 clinical residents were trained on it.

The department is an active organizer of the Association of Anaesthesiologists of Kyiv, and the head of the department Professor A.V. Biliaiev is the chairman of the Association. All employees of the department are also members of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine. Co-operation with the bodies of practical health care is connected with the organization of the work of the intensive care units of the City Children’s Clinical Hospital №1, City Children’s Clinical Hospital №2, the National Children's Clinical Hospital "Okhmatdyt", the implementation of modern methods and technologies of intensive care and anesthetic support in childhood.