Principles of educational work among interns, students of the department are:
- man-centeredness;  rule of Law; scientific character of education; diversity of education;  Inextricable connection with world and national history, culture, national traditions; academic integrity; humanism; democracy; the unity of education, education and development;  education of patriotism, respect for the cultural values of the Ukrainian people, its historical and cultural heritage and traditions; formation of a conscious need for observance of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, of intolerance to their violation; formation of respect for human rights and freedoms, intolerance to humiliation of its honor and dignity, physical or mental violence, as well as discrimination on any grounds; formation of civil culture and democracy culture; formation of a culture of healthy lifestyle, ecological culture and a careful attitude towards the environment; non-interference of political parties in the educational process; versatility and balance of information on political, ideological and religious issues; promoting lifelong learning; integration into the international educational and scientific space; intolerance of corruption and bribery; accessibility for every citizen of all forms and types of educational services provided by the state; education in the spirit of the glorious traditions of the department of Hematology and Transfusiology and achievements of its leaders - professors I. P. Sarnytskij, L. M. Tishtenko.