Salmanov Aydin Gurbanovich - doctor of medical sciences (2014), professor, civil servant 9 rank of the fifth category, head of the department.

Graduated from the Nariman Narimanov State Medical Institute in 1981. From 1982 to 1995 he worked as an epidemiologist, and from 1996 to 2005 he was the head of the epidemiological department in the system of the state sanitary and epidemiological service of Kyiv. In 2005, he was deputy head of the operational staff for the eradication of avian influenza in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and until 2014 - the chief specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the control and prevention of intra-natal infections. In 2014 he was transferred to P.L. Shupika NMAPE as the assistant professor of the Department of Microbiology and Epidemiology and after the election in the competition in 2015, headed the department. On the basis of this department, for the first time in Eastern Europe and CIS countries, he created an educational and training center for infection control and antimicrobial resistance, where hospital epidemiologists, microbiologists and clinicians of various specialties are trained.

Doctor - epidemiologist of the highest category.

In 2008 defended his Ph.D. dissertation "Scientific substantiation of the system of epidemiological surveillance of infections in the field of surgical intervention" in the field of epidemiology, in 2014 - a doctoral dissertation "Epidemiological surveillance of postoperative purulent inflammatory infections caused by antibiotic resistant microorganisms" in the field of "epidemiology"

The author of more than 300 scientific works, including 32 monographs, one textbook and 3 manuals for higher medical schools.

Scientific direction: hospital epidemiology, clinical microbiology, infections, that associated with the provision of medical care, infection in the area of surgical intervention, infection control, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.

National Coordinator of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for infection control and antimicrobial resistance, National Coordinator of Ukraine in the European Union project "Percept-R study: multi-state study on the perception of antimicrobial resistance in Europe" supported by the European Committee on Infectious Disease Control (EUCIC); Member of the General Directorate of the European Committee for Testing against Antimicrobials (EUCAST), member of the European Committee on Infectious Disease Control (EUCIC); Member of the expert group of the European Society of Microbiologists and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), Head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Infectious Control and Antimicrobial Resistance; Head of the National Committee for Testing for Antimicrobials (UCAST) and Infectious Disease Control (UCIC); Editor-in-chief of the scientific and practical publication "International Journal of Antibiotics and Probiotics"; the head of the international scientific-medical center named after academician Zarif Aliyeva.

The organizer of the annual international scientific-practical conferences in Ukraine since 2007, devoted to actual problems of antibiotic resistance and prevention of infections associated with the provision of medical care, an active participant in international forums on the prevention of infectious diseases.

Awards: Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2007), Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2006, 2008, 2009), Acknowledgment of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2010), Diploma of the Embassy of the Azerbaijan Republic in Ukraine (2014) Kyiv Mayor (2016), Thanks to the Rector of P. L. Shupik NMAPE (2017).