In the framework of cooperation with medical institutions with the support of the management of the universal clinic "Oberig" (Rybchuk VO, head of ICU Spitsyn VE) teachers of the Department of Anesthesiology and IC (Prof. Oleg Loskutov, Assoc. Prof. Inna Kuchynska) gave an evening course of lectures on the subject of brain death, pathophysiology of brain death, preconditioning, etc. for anesthesiologists and doctors neurologists, using the latest world American, Polish and British guidelines for 2020.

The participants of the course were also acquainted with the draft Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "Procedure for the statement and diagnostic criteria for human brain death", which is being finalized. During the course, legal and ethical aspects on this topic were considered and discussed in detail.

The innovation proposed by the department was a lecture-seminar on the psychological basis of conversation with relatives of patients in intensive care.

As part of the educational process, 2 master classes were also held: the basics of transcranial Doppler, where doctors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the basics of transtemporal ultrasound of the brain.

During this educational cycle, issues related to errors in resuscitation were considered and all those present were able to take an active part in the discussion of specific clinical cases.

Completed training cycle workshop "Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Peculiarities of patient management after successful resuscitation". On the mannequins, students were able to practice the basic techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and analyze the errors in its implementation.

The peculiarity of this event was that it was attended by doctors of related specialties (neurologists, functional diagnostics, neurosurgeons).

At the end of the course, all participants expressed the unanimous opinion that this cycle is relevant and requires further expansion to more intensive care units, with the involvement of physicians of various specialties.

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