Most recently, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education was proud to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Deggendorf University of Technology (announced on October 28, 2020), and on November 13th 2020 the academy took an active part in a joint international scientific symposium «Digital Health Day» - 2020, which was broadcast in 40 countries.

Co-organizers were: International Society of Telemedicine and Electronic Health (ISfTeH), International Association of Medical Informatics (IMIA), European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI), DGTelemed, Bayerischer Telemedallianz (BTA), Pfarkirchen, m.Doc and Digital portal News.

Given the continuing and deteriorating situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference took place in a VIRTUAL FORMAT, with online presentations and discussion rooms.

Professor O. P. Mintser from the academy took part in the symposium in a session meeting with the report "Information technologies in the transformation of medical education".

At the same session, Professor O. P. Mintser made a second report with a doctoral student of Poltava Medical Dental Academy G.V. Nevoit with a report "Systematic representation of information and energy processes in the body based on a brief record of heart rate variability." Employees of the Department of Medical Informatics also took part in a series of poster presentations: "Semantic parallels between systemic biomedicine and e-health." (O.P. Mintser, L.Yu. Babintseva, O.O. Sukhanova, O.M. Shevtsova) , transdisciplinary report with the staff of the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine "Smart (SMART) medical communicator for quality of life assessment." etc.

In addition, the Department of Medical Informatics initiated a report from other universities and industrial enterprises of Ukraine (National Aviation University, Ecopharm, etc.). In the future, a series of similar remote meetings in cyberspace is also planned.

Symposium program «Digital Health Day» - 2020

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