Comprehending any problem, be it simple or complicated, expects to “find a solution to a difficult or complex question or situation; to engage in the actions or thoughts necessary to discover solutions to problems“, as the Oxford Dictionary has it.

At the same time, dealing with these very problems suggests that everyone should know what a problem is and how it can be solved. The definitions given in dictionaries show that a problem is “any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, difficulty” or “a question proposed for solution or discussion”, alongside this a solution is “an answer to a problem” or “a way to solve a problem or deal with a difficult situation”.

Thus by conducting our classes and discussing, we try to resolve philosophical issues in medicine, including existential dilemmas.

Liudmyla O. Saienko, Assistant Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages, goes forward training the teaching staff of the Academy with our curriculum, presented the lesson part, which highlighted the “Problems and Solutions. Cause and Effect. Main principles of Counseling” subject. The case touched discussing global issues in medical science and practice, including defensive medical decision making, and in equal measure, attaining the learning goals, for example, vocabulary acquisition, i.e. topic vocabulary in contrast (advocated by someone, data/findings suggest something), verbs associated with problems (damage, deteriorate), phrases and collocations (tackle a problem, tackle an issue). The participants were involved into such activities as speaking, writing essays, listening to English sentences and rapidly interpreting them. They worked individually and in pairs or small groups. A range of discussion-based lesson activities, such as special ESL/IELS (British Council) exercises and even songs, were presented.

By the end of the lesson the participants were able to master grammar and vocabulary skills, and everyone was involved in various discussions about the most important medical problems and the solutions.

Finally, we hope it will help them use the definitions out of lesson.

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