On July 8–10th, 2021 the Official Training Course of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) under the motto "Light of Beauty over the Parthenon" was held in Athens (Greece). This was the first hybrid official course, which combined both the direct participation of the plastic, reconstractive and cosmetic surgeons who visited Athens, and the virtual one, with the participation of surgeons online.

This large-scale event was attended by an employee of our university from the Department of the General and Emergency Surgery (Head of the Department – Professor V. Kryzhevsky MD, PhD, DMedSc), Professor of the Department Evgeny Kolesnikov MD, PhD, DMedSc. 

The program of the course was extensive and covered many aspects of plastic and aesthetic surgery: rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, primary and secondary breast surgeries, breast augmentation and reduction surgery, face and body contouring after massive weight loss due to bariatric surgery, anti-aging facial surgeries, minimally invasive technique of operations and cosmetic procedures, equipment and surgical techniques for liposuction,  postoperative management, the future of aesthetic medicine and others.

Very interesting and instructive master classes were held: "Re-rhinoplasty – structural reconstruction", "Modern safe facelift", "Circumferential thoracoabdominoplasty after significant weight loss".

Leading European surgeons spoke on the problems of rhinoplasty, discussing the issues of ethnic features of the structure of the nose in different regions of the world and neoclassical canons in its implementation, as well as the use of computer topography in planning and evaluating the results of this operation. Anti-aging facial surgery has become a part of the main arsenal of surgical interventions of plastic and aesthetic surgeons. Various techniques of facelift, the use of special threads for these purposes, correction and prevention of face deformation after these operations were discussed.

The issues of aesthetic breast surgery are considered: breast augmentation by endoscopic axillary access, features of this operation in very thin patients, errors of surgical technique with violation of the structure of the inframammary fold, how to avoid and correct this complication. In recent years, due to the global obesity pandemic, the number of bariatric surgeries to reduce excess weight has increased dramatically worldwide. At the same time, the number of aesthetic face and body correction surgeries after massive weight loss has also increased significantly. The staging, sequence and features of such operations were discussed by the world's leading surgeons and recommendations were given to young surgeons for the treatment of this group of patients. In the section on the use of minimally invasive techniques in aesthetic surgery, the following issues were discussed: radiofrequency liposuction, HD-lipoaspiration and lipofilling, autologous fat transplantation.

Several Satellite Symposia have also been held by renowned firms and performers. The ALLERGAN satellite symposium was dedicated to the future of aesthetic surgery and medicine, the use of botulinum toxins in clinical practice, the restoration and creation of tissue volumes in the lower part of the face, etc. Another satellite symposium was held by MOTIVA company, which creates breast implants, tissue expanders, devices for collecting fat by lipoaspiration, purification and re-introduction to contour the face and body. The topic of their presentation was: "From textured to more advanced smooth implants, issues of facilitating the transition to new implants." IPSEN satellite symposium on efficacy and optimal results after AboBonta treatment. Discussion of the problem by leading experts.

The knowledge gained during the 1st ISAPS official course will be used by the staff of the department in the pedagogical process for interns, clinical ordinators, graduate students and participants of the TU program "Aesthetic surgery of the face and body after losing excess weight".

ISAPS has determined that 20 CME UEMS Credits of European Study Credits are awarded for participation in this 1st Hybrid Official Course in Athens, Greece.

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