Great news for ophthalmologists and pediatric ophthalmologists, students of the cycle of thematic improvement "Ophthalmoplasty and ophthalmic prosthetics", curated and lectured by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Oksana Petrenko. The Department of Ophthalmology of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine has another base for practical classes "Walters Eye Prosthetics Laboratory", owned by the famous ocularist Valdis Walters.

Valdis Walters is a Latvian ophthalmic prosthetist and president of the Baltic Eye Prosthetic Association. His experience in the field of making individual eye prostheses is more than twenty years. Combining unique medical, engineering and artistic knowledge, skills and experience, Valdis Walters specializes in the manufacture of individual eye prostheses from cryolite glass and PMMA materials.

Ocularistic is the art of making eye prosthesis. As is known from historical data, eye prostheses appeared many years before the new era. For example, the Egyptians and Romans painted clay on cloth, which was then worn on the face, covering the missing or damaged eye. The true history of eye prostheses dates back to the time of the French physician Ambroise Paré, who described the prosthesis with the corresponding drawings. And in the XVI century in Venice began to produce glass prostheses. This is how the profession of an ocularist appeared. The process of making an eye glass prosthesis, which is very time consuming and interesting, can be compared to the work of an artist and sculptor. The production of eye prostheses in accordance with existing requirements, which have been developed and improved over the centuries, is an integral part of the medical and social rehabilitation of patients with anophthalmos.

To date, eye prosthetics have both aesthetic and therapeutic value.

Many thanks to the owner and chief ocularist Valdis Walters for a gift for the Department of Ophthalmology training kit for eye prosthetics.

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