At the end of October, an on-line test was held on the topic "Intravenous and inhalation anesthetics" at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care to determine the level of theoretical knowledge. The peculiarity of this was offset distance evaluation of training interns anaesthesiologists because of quarantine on COVID-19. This was used platform Zoom, which allows for educational activities in a mode on-line.

This format of knowledge certification is popular in the leading countries of the world and is one of the main educational trends. Thus, in the United States about 90% of universities use the distance form of exams. For example: The University of North Carolina (19,000 students) conducts up to 40,000 distance exams annually; Western Governor's University (78 thousand students) - up to 30 thousand annually; Northern Virginia Community College (75,000 students) - 12,000 distance exams per month.

The distance of interns from teachers avoids the probable spread of viral infection and is a simple but reliable preventive measure. The interns were divided into separate groups in which a separate teacher took the test. In general, the test was held at a high organizational level. Some interns have shown extensive knowledge not only of most pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of general anesthetics, but also of some historical facts.

So, the interns were able to answer questions designed for their erudition, such as how the discovery of barbiturates and their name are related to the history of the capital of Ukraine. Among other, interns solved clinical tasks. The latter were particularly difficult, as the first year of postgraduate studies is largely unusual for yesterday's students.

Interns showed a high level of preparedness on most credit issues, especially regarding the use of intravenous anesthetics.

As noted after the exam, the Head of the Department, Professor Oleg Loskutov, the method of assessing knowledge in the on-line mode has shown its effectiveness and in the future, it will continue to improve.

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