An intermediate certification of interns in the specialty "Surgery" 1st year of studying have been held at the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine (head of the Department — Professor S. Savoliuk) on February 24, 2021..

Given the current quarantine restrictions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the certification was conducted in several stages in subgroups of 5 interns to maintain social distance (4 groups in total): online testing, practical skills with laparoscopy in the simulation class of the department and an interview (oral exam). 

All interns were admitted to the certification, who completed the full curriculum (lectures, seminars, practical classes in the main specialty and cycles of related disciplines), presented individual documentation (individual plans and library-research papers (2), characteristics from the clinical bases, part-time internships, digital and text reports on the amount of work performed in full-time and part-time cycles of internships, diaries, individual training plans, protocols for registration of practical skills and abilities). 

During the certification, interns demonstrated a high level of theoretical knowledge in basic disciplines, as well as in professional training and related specialties.

However, the closure of internship's bases due to the COVID-19 pandemic is reflected in aspects of practical training of interns, which was taken into account during the preparation of individual training programs and will be adjusted during the next trainings at the Department of Surgery and vascular surgery and its new clinical bases, the network of which will be gradually expanded.