The staff members carry out their advisory work at the base clinical institutions rendering the qualified medical aid and ultrasound diagnosis to the patients of the gynecological and obstetric units, see patients with gynecological endocrinological pathologies, infertility, neck of uterus pathologies.

The staff members render air medical emergency aid (in case of bleeding in delivery, preeclampsia, postnatal and postsurgical complications, etc.) in Kyiv region.

The innovatory techniques, developed by the teaching staff, were implemented in the majority of Kyiv regional maternity hospitals.

Scientific development implementation (2012):

- A Complex Method for Preventing Repeated Cesarean Section Complications;

- A Method for Major Uterine Vessels Ligation In Case of Massive Obstetric Hemorrhage;

- Treatment and Prevention of Anemia in Pregnant Women;

- A Method of Antenatal Prevention of Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn;

- Modern Diagnostic Techniques for Herpetic Infection in Pregnant Women;

- Rational Management of Preterm Labor.

- Kyiv Regional Centre for Maternal and Child Health,

Building 15, 1 Bahhovutivska Str., Kyiv 04107,

Phone (044) 483 09 73 

- Road Clinical HospitalNo1,

8a Mykhaila Kotsiubynskoho Str., Kyiv,

Phone (044) 465 17 04 

- Maternity Hospital of the Central District Hospital

(Kyiv-Sviatoshyn District)

51, 40 Rokiv Zhovtnia Str., Boiarka,

Phone (045) 984 16 85 

- Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit, Vyshhorod Central District Hospital

1Kurhuzova Str., Vyshhorod,

Phone (044) 965 47 39 

- Maternity Hospital

7 Semashka Str., Bila Tserkva,

Phone (045) 636 22 25 

- Medical Centre “Zdorov’ia Stolytsi”

6b Mazepy Str., Kyiv,  

Phone(044) 383 83 88