On February 23, 2021, Olena Sharikadze, Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatrics 1, successfully defended her dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences. Research supervisor — a well-known in Ukraine and abroad specialist in pediatrics, pediatric allergology and rheumatology, Professor O. Okhotnikova.

The work  "Allergic  asthma and comorbid conditions in children: diagnosis, treatment and prevention" is devoted one of the urgent problems of our time — the prevention and treatment of asthma in infants and preschool children. 

Related dissertation on published 34 scientific papers in many specialized national and international journals, including made to the international scientometric databases Web of Science and Scopus.  

The results of the work have been reported many times to many in national and foreign forums and have always aroused great interest. 

The scientific novelty and practical significance of the work was noted by the opponents of the work — Professor  V. Klimenko, doctor of medical sciences T. Umanets, Doctor of Medical Sciences O. Rechkina, members of the Academic Council.

Congratulations and we wish Оlena success and health!