On June 30, 2021 the interns of the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Care graduated the training. The internship took place for two years.

The second year of study was difficult, since part of the program, namely seminars and lectures were held in a distance format. This type of training requires self-discipline and organization. Practical part, as well as the practical stage of passing the exam with the assessment of practical knowledge and skills, were held in compliance with all anti-epidemic standards at one of the clinical bases of the department – National Children's Specialized Hospital «Okhmatdyt». All interns have successfully passed the theoretical and practical exams.

At the time of the end of the internship, all interns planned to continue working in their chosen specialty. This is very important given the high migration wave of doctors. At the closing conference, teachers of the department sounded congratulations and wishes of success in future work. In response, the interns expressed gratitude. According to the results of an anonymous survey, a high level of teaching was noted.

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