The international scientific-practical conference "Priorities of the Development of Medical Sciences in XXI Century" was held in Odessa during the pandemic on 19—21 March, 2021. The purpose of the conference was to conduct a comprehensive scientific review of the current state of medical sciences in Ukraine and the world with the involvement of scientists, graduate doctors and students from all over Ukraine and foreign countries who study the development of medicine and protection of health.

The conference addressed the general problems of clinical and preventive medicine. From Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine participants were employees of the Department of General and Emergency Surgery: Head of the Department, Professor Vadym Kryzhevsky, Professor Evgeni Kolesnikov, PhD student of the department Anastasia Ignatieva with the presentation "Morbid obesity as a somatic and aesthetic problem: aesthetic contouring of the body after excessive weight loss", which discussed issues of surgical treatment, tactics and techniques of surgery in patients with complicated forms of morbid obesity, gynecomastia, massive and rapid weight loss. 

Obesity is one of the actual and important problems of the XXI century, which involves more than 60% of the population worldwide. The authors of the presentation discussed the features of the postoperative period and the prevention of possible complications. In this category of patients after massive and rapid weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery there is a need for several (3—5) operations in a relatively short time. Therefore, it is important to prepare such patients for surgery: weight stabilization, control and recovery of hemoglobin level, iron metabolism, proteins, microelements and other parameters. Particular attention was paid to the important and often discussed problem of staged performance of body contouring operations. The conference was held online and aroused great interest among doctors, researchers and students of the country.

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