On September 21-22, the Fairmont Grand Hotel hosted a scientific-practical conference on plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery "Gain 2021 Face to Face". On behalf of the Department of General and Emergency Surgery (Head of the Department Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor V.V. Kryzhevsky) of our university, the conference was attended by a graduate student of the department, plastic surgeon Anastasia Ignatieva and intern-doctor Yurchyshyn Sofia.

This large-scale educational event attracted the attention of a large number of young surgeons and doctors dealing with aesthetic medicine and surgery. "Face to Face" is a specialized training course in aesthetic surgery, part of which was a master-class with the analysis of complex cases by British and Ukrainian professionals with many years of experience. It helped to gain new knowledge in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and gave possibility to acquire  and improve some practical skills of its participants.                                                                Aesthetic medicine is an integral part of today's plastic and cosmetic surgery. Therefore, the exchange of clinical experience is the most valuable in this educational forum. Intern of the Department  of General and Emergency Surgery Dr. Yurchyshyn Sofia underwent a master class under the guidance of Dr. Kuldip Minoshi (UK) and plastic surgeon Maxim Krasnoselsky. The techniques of inserting implants into different areas of the head and body were tested on the invited models. Each participant of the conference received a certificate of participation and new experience in this field of medicine.

The acquired knowledge and practical skills will be used in daily work, as well as in the training of interns and postgraduate students of the course of thematic improvement "Aesthetic surgery of the face and body after weight loss" at the Department of General and Emergency Surgery.

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