The Department of Infectious Diseases was founded in 1934.

The first head of the department was Full Professor Anatolii M. Ziukov.  

The department also included Assistant Professors L. D. Rabynovych and B. M. Iierusalymskyi.

The department had stopped its functioning in the period of war and after the victory in the Great Patriotic War in 1945 it renewed its activity. The head of the department was Full Professor  Borys Ya. Padalka.

In 1953 there were 2 Associate Professors (V. Ya. Yashchenko, B. M. Iierusalymskyi) and 2 Assistant Professors (A. I. Nanikova-Bohdanovych, I. H. Kubasov) at the department. 


Професор Іван Корнійович Мітченко

З 1953 р. по 1968 р. кафедру інфекційних хвороб очолює доктор медичних наук, професор Григорій Ігнатович Хоменко, учень професора А. М. Зюкова. За видатну працю «Лікування бацилярної дизентерії» Г. І. Хоменко була присвоєна ступінь доктора медичних наук без захисту дисертації.

In 1953-1968 the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases was Full Professor Hryhorii I. Khomenko, and in 1969-1988 it was headed by Full Professor Ivan K. Mytchenko.

At the same time the department included the following members: M. I. Slobodianiuk and V. M. Pletnev, Associate Professors I. H. Kubasov, D. O. Buhera, I. H. Semenchenko, A. M. Holubenko. Since 1982-1983 there also had worked Associate Professors V. S. Topolnytskyi, O. M. Dehtiarenko, since 1990 – Associate Professor V. P. Haluzynskyi, and since 1999 – Associate Professor Yu. O. Sukhov.  

In 1960 there started to function the laboratory which included 4 workers: 1 senior laboratory assistant, 2 laboratory assistants, 1 demonstrator. 

Since 1988 Full Professor Vasyl V. Hebesh had headed the department. 

Since 2010 the department has been headed by MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor OleksandrK. Duda