An article in a scientific journal is a key element of the modern system of scientific communication, in which scientific journals act as leaders of domestic science and researchers at the international level. The integration of Ukrainian science into the global system of knowledge and increasing its competitiveness is a necessary condition for increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian science itself.

The reflection of the scientific activity of scientific and pedagogical workers of Shupyk NMAPE on the platforms Scopus and Web of Science becomes especially relevant because it affects the rating of the Academy, and also depends on the funding of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine budget research. Employees of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care took an active part in this area of research this year.

Thus, published and accepted for publication Scopus (level Q1, Europe): Perceptions of gender equity in departmental leadership, research opportunities, and clinical work attitudes: an international survey of 11,781 anesthesiologists. British Journal of Anesthesia. - 2020. Vol.124, Issue 3. P. 160 - 170, which reflects the results of the joint work of the department with foreign colleagues.

One of the achievements of the Department is also the publication in American journal Cardiovascular Toxicology (Scopus, level Q2) of a clinical case (The Case of Myocardial Infarction in a Fifteen-Year-Old Adolescent Caused by Toxic Substances. Cardiovascular Toxicology. - 2020).

The results obtained as a result of the development of a scientific topic conducted by the department were reflected in two articles published in Polish journal Kardiochir. Torakochir. Pol. (Scopus, level Q3).

The reflection of the scientific developments of the department in the current year were two declaratory patents for inventions ("Method of anesthesia in cardiac surgery in elderly patients" and "Method of myocardial cardioprotection in coronary artery bypass grafting"). It is especially significant that one of them was nominated for the annual patent competition, where he took second place (diploma of the finalist of the Ukrainian patent competition in 2020).

In the future, the department plans to continue and expand its publicist activities in leading domestic and foreign journals.