Annually, there are about 300 foreign nationals from 37 countries study at NMAPE.

In order to train postgraduate foreign nationals, in particular clinical residents, graduate students and those who are on work experience, the leading specialists of the Department of Foreign Languages have developed to implement into the teaching/learning process an Elementary Ukrainian curriculum, Intermediate Ukrainian curriculum and the Advanced one for foreigners who are eager to extend their communication potential through training at the Department.

The teaching staff's experience and its in-depth methodological understanding of the Ukrainian language as a foreign language lead to distinguish three main training stages:

– the elementary stage (for 2-3 months) is aimed at perceiving and understanding slow delivery, acquiring communication skills on various common subjects;

– the intermediate stage (4-5 months) content is designed to teach listening recognition, reading adapted literary texts, scientific, social and political texts, newspaper articles etc.;

– the goal of the advanced stage (3-4 years) content is to develop and improve the skills, established on previous stages. It also suggests that the attendees acquire the narrative and stylistic structures of medical language, avoid the most common mistakes in public speaking.

The classes will be conducted by the Assistant Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages Oliynyk Iryna Yu., who has been in teaching for 17 years.

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