On October 21-23, Prof. Dr. Ozar Mintser – Head of Department of Medical Informatics at Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (NMAPE) visited the main campus of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), and the European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen:

NMAPE and DIT/ECRI had earlier this year signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a Cooperation Agreement, to advance collaboration in education, research, and development in the domains of Digital Health, Medical and Health Informatics, as well as Medical, Health and Wellness Tourism. Established in 1918, NMAPE is one of the leading institutions in Ukraine in medical education and training and biomedical research, serving more than 25000 physicians and medical graduates each year through postgraduate degree programs, and certificate programs in Continuous Medical Education (CME). Prof. Ozar Mintser and Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan (Program Coordinator, Master of Medical Informatics at DIT-ECRI) first established contact and began designing a collaboration plan in March 2020. They prepared and finalized a set of high-level documents (such as the Memorandum of Understanding), and then organized the working visit of Prof. O. Mintser to DIT.

During the visit Prof. O. Mintser met with President of DIT Prof. Dr. Peter Sperber, Vice-President for Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Horst Kunhardt, and Prof. Dr. G. Chaltikyan, with whom he discussed the prospects of long-term cooperation between the two institutions. Prof. O. Mintser then visited the European Campus Rottal-Inn where he met with ECRI Dean, Prof. Georg Christian Steckenbauer, Prof. G. Chaltikyan, Prof. Dr. Thomas Spittler (Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Health Informatics at DIT), as well as teaching and research staff of Digital Health, Medical and Health Informatics. Prof. O. Mintser did presentation on NMAPE, as well as on advances in Medical Informatics education and research at NMAPE. The participants then discussed the practical aspects of cooperation that will include the following main directions: bilateral exchange of students and staff (academic mobility), joint research project and activities, and double-degree study programs. The parties also discussed a possibility of establishing a new joint satellite campus for Digital Health and Medical Tourism in Western Ukraine.

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