In accordance to plan of Department of Oncology in theoretical preparation for physicians-interns of the first-year studying, 26.11.2020 yr a monthly seminar with multimedia presentations, summarizing the main actual issues of the mammary gland cancer (MGC) problem, took place, taking into account a significant volume of their autonomous part of professional training and work in departments and laboratories of clinical bases concerning oncomammological subjects.

The event was conducted in accordance to mixed distant and full-time study schedule with presence of physicians-interns, the internship cycle curator and Head of Department. A key-note speech to the event participants was addressed by Head of Department of Oncology Prof. Gordiychuk P. І., who have accentuated the exclusive global significance of the seminar topic, and peculiarities of the professional aid delivery by physicians-oncologists to patients with MGC in environment of the covid pandemic and quarantine measures, introduced in City of Kyiv and in Ukraine at all.

Physician-іntern Demyanov Vladyslav Olegovych have reported about diagnosis of MGC, physician-іntern Dyka Іnesa Mykhaylivna – prognostic and predictive factors in treatment of MGC, аnd physician-іntern Shokun Nazariy Victorovych – tactics and choice of the treatment method for MGC. After the report hearing the discussion was organized in a lively manner with analysis of the practical preparation conditions for physicians-іnterns on their working places, methodology of autonomous education on examples of oncomammological issues. In the frame of discussion of reports and answers on questions there were accentuated and stressed most essential peculiarities of the problem, internationally acknowledged tactico-methodic approaches to etiopathogenesis and diagnosis of MGC, and certain innovation high technologies enlighted by two Professors – moderators of the event.

The seminar conducted would promote the improvement of organization of the physicians-interns studying, in part of actual quarantine conditions, introduced in Academy in environment of mixed form of the education process with significant volume of autonomous studying, guaranteeing control of learning in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, аs well as timely correction of the education process faults and mastery of content of primary specialization in «clinical oncology» specialty.

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