Practical skills play a central role in the daily clinical practice of the anesthesiologist. Inadequate training in the development of clinical skills is a serious problem of modern medical education. In addition, many procedures performed by anesthesiologists are potentially dangerous because of their invasive nature, so they are difficult to study. In this regard, simulation-based learning is playing an increasingly important role in medical education around the world.

The Department of Anesthesiology and IC is building a strategy for training interns with the introduction of a large number of master classes in the program and with involving leading foreign specialists in the educational process.

Another such hand-over master class was held on December 2, 2020 with the participation of John M. Allwood, who works as a senior employee of the operations department in London (UK). The master class took place in a large well-ventilated room with a small group of interns (they all used PPE and kept a social distance), and the broadcast for the entire internship course took place in the Zoom program.

A distinctive feature of this master class was the practice of establishing surgical control of the airways on a new modern mannequin. In addition, the presentation of John M. Allwood took place in English without translation, which from our point of view became a practical school of English communication.

At the same time, at another station, associate professor of the department Maxym Pylypenko supervised the practice of tracheal intubation with a video laryngoscope. Thus, each intern in the first year of training had the opportunity to practice two critical anesthesia skills that they may need in particular in the treatment of patients with severe COVID-19.

The discussion of the master class showed that the practical elements of training can be effectively and safely practiced in small groups and this is an extremely important element of rapid entry into the specialty.

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