The Annual Technology in Diabetes Congress was held in the virtual format on November 2021. The Congress was devoted to the new technologies in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus

This Congress was organized by Diabetes Technology Society, headquarter of which is located in San Francisco, USA. During the recent years the new modalities for the control of glycemia and insulin delivery had been implemented into the clinical practice of diabetes care such as continuous glucose monitoring systems, insulin pumps which are able to stop insulin delivery in the cases of rapid decrease of glycemia and the risk of subsequent hypoglycemia.   

These new technological advances had been already appreciated in the current guidelines for the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus. These new methods of the diagnostics and treatment of people with diabetes, their advantages had been discussed in details in the Congress.

The Head of Department of Diabetology of  Institute of Family Medicine  of National University of Healthcare of Ukraine named after P.L.Shupyk Professor Boris Mankovsky was invited to chair the session on the Congress. The participants of the Congress concluded that the new technological advances have to be widely implemented into the clinical practice of the treatment of patients with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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